Dress Code

Students at EVA are required to dress according to the school’s dress code.  If a student is out of dress code, they will not be permitted to attend class until the dress code situation is corrected.  Repeated issues of dress code violations will result in demerits being issued.


3 Reasons for the EVA Dress Code

  1. Modesty- Romans 12:1-2, I Timothy 2:9-10, I Peter 5:5

  2. Neatness- I Corinthians 14:40, Romans 13:13, I Thessalonians 4:10-12

  3. Reduce distractions- Philippians 2:3-5, Romans 12:3


6th through 12th Grade Student Dress




  1. Students may wear jeans, pants, or shorts that are no shorter than 3 inches above the knee. Holes, faux holes, or frayed hems are not allowed. Pants must not be overly tight or loose and should fit at the waist. Boys must wear a belt. Undergarments may not be visible. Pants or shorts may not be made of any athletic material. Girls may wear modest dresses (even if they don’t have a collar) or skirts (with a collared shirt) as long they reach the top of the knee, are loose-fitting, and are not overly tight or form-fitting. Students may not wear leggings (as pants), jeggings, jumpsuits, rompers, or overalls.

  2. Students must wear a collared shirt (polo style or button-down). Shirts do not have to be tucked in, except for boys’ shirts when the hem of the shirt extends past the bottom of the zipper of their pants/shorts when the pants/shorts are worn at the waist. Both girls’ and boys’ shirts must cover the entire torso. Girls may wear sleeveless shirts that cover the entire shoulder. All button-down shirts must be buttoned up. Undergarments should not be visible through the shirt, nor should the shirt be too tight.

  3. Students may wear cardigans, knit sweaters, three-quarter zip pullovers, v-neck EVA team pullovers, coats without hoods, and jackets without hoods as outerwear. Collared shirts must be worn and visible under outerwear; outerwear may not count as a collared shirt. No sweatshirts are allowed. Absolutely no hooded apparel is allowed any day. Blankets are not outerwear and should not be brought to school.

  4. Students must wear shoes at all times and may not wear slides, slippers (even if they have a rubber bottom), or flip-flops.  Girls may wear backless sandals.   

  5. Students are not allowed to wear hats or head coverings of any kind on campus at any time. Students may not have or wear smartwatches, headphones, earbuds, or bluetooth devices. Any of these items may be confiscated from the student if worn.

  6. Students who participate in PE classes must wear green, black, or gray athletic shorts and an EVA t-shirt. Students may not wear leggings or yoga pants without athletic shorts over them. All shorts must be modest and not overly short, and the shirt must cover the entire torso but be shorter in length than the shorts when both are worn. Students that wear running shorts must wear sliders or spandex underneath. Students who participate in after school workouts or practices must wear modest and appropriate practice apparel.

  7. Girls’ visible piercings must be limited to the ears. Boys may not have visible piercings. Students may not wear sunglasses, gages, grills, or other distracting jewelry, clothing, non-prescription glasses, makeup, or accessories. Nose piercings must be covered with a clear or skin-toned plug. A student may not wear chains, spikes, or studs on clothing or belts, wallet chains, or trendy jewelry (i.e., paper clips, safety pins, sweat bands).

  8. Hair must be a natural color, clean, and neatly kept. It may not be dyed bright red, silver, or gray.  Hair should not cover the eyes and boys’ hair shouldn’t touch the shoulder (it may be pulled up in a single hair band if needed). Hair should not be styled in a distracting manner. Facial hair should be neatly trimmed 

  9. Tattoos must be covered always. Students are strongly discouraged from getting tattoos while they are enrolled at EVA.

  10. Students who belong to an EVA team may wear their team jersey or uniform shirt no more than once a week and only on the day of a home game during the team’s season. The one day a week must be submitted by the coach and then approved by the principal in advance unless it falls on a Friday.




Monday thru Thursday rules apply with the exception that students may wear shirts without collars and sweatshirts without hoods.


Kindergarten through 5th Grade Student Dress


Students in grades K5 through 5th grade are not required to wear a collared shirt Monday through Friday; however, no oversized or extremely long shirts are allowed.  Shirts are not required to be tucked-in on these days.  No see-through shirts, spaghetti-strap tops, halter tops, or shirts with cut-outs are allowed (other than sleeve cut-outs below the shoulder).  Modesty is our goal.  Additionally, students are not to wear flip-flops, shoes with skates, or slippers to school.  Shorts and skirts must be fingertip length when arms are held at the student’s side.  Students in 4th – 5th grades may not wear basketball/gym shorts, tank tops of any type, and shorts and dresses must extend no less than four inches above the top of the knee.       


Athletic and School Events


Because the student is still representing Eagle’s View Academy when attending an athletic or school event, modest dress code will be enforced.  Students may be asked to leave an event if dressed immodestly or in a way that conflicts with the spirit of the Eagle’s View Academy dress code.  Demerits may be issued for those violating this policy.

Inappropriate Dress

Apparel must not have any racist, vulgar, inappropriate, or evil artwork or symbolism. Students may not wear any material with a confederate or Dixie flag, or any other item that may be considered politically charged, or racially or morally divisive.


No sleeveless (boys), see-through shirts, off-the-shoulder shirts, tank-tops (including racerback, t-back, etc.), halter tops, crop tops, strapless tops, or shirts with cut-outs are allowed (other than sleeve cut-outs below the shoulder).  T-shirts with inappropriate writing on them will not be allowed.  Writing that is inappropriate would include, but would not be limited to: beer logos, marijuana leaves, inappropriate music bands, sexual/ inappropriate innuendoes, derogatory statements and/or pictures.

If any of the above items are worn, they may be permanently confiscated.  Hair and clothing may not reflect extreme faddish styles or be worn to make a statement.


The Administration reserves the right to request a student change or modify their attire if they feel it is inappropriate or interferes with the learning environment.


*All dress code policies are subject to change and are ultimately up to the discretion of the administration.  


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Professional Misconduct 

All employees and agents of a public school district, charter school, or private school have an obligation and legal responsibility to report misconduct by instructional personnel and school administrators which affects the health, safety, or welfare of a student. Failure to report misconduct may result in penalties up to termination of employment and revocation of an educator's certificate. Such misconduct may include, but is not limited to, obscene language, drug and alcohol abuse, disparaging comments, prejudice or bigotry, sexual innuendo, cheating or testing violations, physical aggression, and accepting or offering favors.  All incidents of professional misconduct should be reported to:Josh Sheetz,School Administrator, at 904-786-1411 Extension 114

If someone tells you about misconduct, be a LEADER: Listen, Evaluate, Act immediately, Document, Encourage, and Report.

Professional Ethics Standards
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